George Floyd's son: Violent protests are "not going to solve anything"

by Bryan Brammer · Jun 1st, 2020 12:46 pm

Quincy Mason Floyd, one of George Floyd's sons, said during an interview with local news that the violent protests in response to his father's death are "not going to solve anything."

Floyd said he was unaware of his father's death in police custody until the story began circulating on television and social media.

"I didn't recognize who it was until mom called and told me. She said, 'Do you know who that guy was?' I said no. She said, 'That's your father.' I was in tears. It's been a long time since I've seen him," Floyd said.

He and his sister, Connie Mason, had moved to Bryan, Texas, with their mother more than 15 years ago and had not seen his father since he was around five years old.

On Sunday, his family attended a rally near the Bryan Municipal Building and police headquarters. They said they were moved by the outpouring of support the community displayed.

"I'm really excited about all this. Everyone is coming out and showing him love. I love this. My heart is really touched by all this," Floyd said.

Although he praised the local protests, he condemned the acts of violence occurring across the country.

"Tearing up things, it's not going to solve anything. My dad is in peace and we have to be the ones to deal with all this stress. It's going to be tough to get over this day by day," said Floyd.

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