GLAAD calls for 20% of primetime TV series characters to be LGBT by 2025

by Adam Ford · Nov 10th, 2019 9:10 am

Last Updated Nov 20th, 2019 at 1:04 pm

GLAAD published its annual “Where We Are on TV” report this week, which analyzes the number of LGBT and non-white characters on television. In the report, the group called on the television industry to ensure that a full one in five of “series regular characters on primetime scripted broadcast series” are LGBT by 2025:

GLAAD is calling on the industry to ensure that 20 percent of series regular characters on primetime scripted broadcast series are LGBTQ by 2025. Further, we would challenge all platforms to make sure that within the next two years, half of LGBTQ characters on every platform are people of color. While broadcast has actually hit this mark two years in a row, cable and streaming have yet to reach this goal. These two steps are key moves towards ensuring that entertainment reflects the world in which it is created and the audience who consumes it.

The report notes that at present, 10.2 percent of broadcast series regular characters are LGBT.

? A massive 2017 Gallup survey of 340,604 U.S. adults found that 4.5% of the population identifies as LGBT. This means that presently, LGBT characters are overrepresented on television by 227%. GLAAD’s demands that 20% of TV characters be LGBT would constitute an overrepresentation of roughly four-and-a-half times the actual LGBT population.


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