Goldman Sachs launches internal campaign to educate employees on personal pronouns

by Jordyn Pair · Nov 23rd, 2019 2:26 pm

Investment banking firm Goldman Sachs has launched an internal initiative aimed at educating its employees about the use of pronouns for coworkers who are transgender or gender non-conforming.

"Goldman Sachs has launched an internal campaign centered around gender identity and pronouns, seeking to provide education on what the different types of pronouns are, guidance for the way to use them and offering new avenues for our people to proactively self-identify," reads the company's official blog post. "To enable our people to optimize their potential, we believe in fostering an inclusive environment where they feel comfortable to be their authentic selves — and that should be welcomed and valued by their team and by the firm."

The guidelines lay out definitions of pronouns like "they/them" and "ze/zir," in addition to traditional "she/her" and "he/him."

It also encourages employees to actively share their pronouns and not assume someone else's pronouns.


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