"Heavily-armed" jihadists attack and kill 14 U.S.-supported troops in Niger

by Bryan Brammer · Dec 28th, 2019 11:51 am

A "heavily-armed" jihadist terrorist group attacked and killed 14 U.S.-supported security force members near Sanam in the western Niger region of Tillaberi on Wednesday night.

According to the interior ministry:

"After a fierce battle. . . seven police and seven national guards were killed. A guard has been listed as missing . . . the enemy suffered many losses."

The ambush occurred while troops were escorting a team of election officials to the district of Sanam to complete voter registration ahead of next year's presidential elections.

Despite the loss of seven military police officers and seven national guard members, the election officials were "secured and returned to Sanam safe and sound," according to the interior ministry's statement.

Terrorist attacks have taken the lives of dozens of Nigerien people in the past month, including a jihadist attack on a military camp that took the lives of 71 soldiers on December 10.


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