Hillary Clinton slammed for joke about U.S. leading in coronavirus cases: Trump "did promise America first"

by Bryan Brammer · Mar 28th, 2020 12:11 pm

Former presidential candidate Hilary Clinton was slammed on social media after her distasteful "joke" concerning the news that the United States has now surpassed both China and Italy in confirmed coronavirus cases with 97,000.

In an effort to mock President Trump at the expense of lives severely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, Clinton retweeted a New York Times Report with the comment, "He did promise 'America First.'"

Her tweet was immediately slammed across Twitter.

Clinton's spokesperson defended her tweet, saying it was a plea for President Trump to lead.

"The situation we find ourselves in was demonstrably avoidable, and pointing that out with a reference to the President's empty rhetoric is nothing more than another way of pleading for him to lead."


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