Hillsong Pastor Carl Lentz: "Churches might be one of biggest propagators of racist ideology"

by Bryan Brammer · Aug 1st, 2020 2:46 pm

Last Updated Nov 5th, 2020 at 3:47 pm

In the latest episode of the podcast "Uncomfortable Conversations With a Black Man," popular Hillsong Church NYC Pastor Carl Lentz espoused his belief the church is perhaps one of the biggest culprits when it comes to racism in the United States.

When asked by show host Emmanuel Acho why white pastors have been silent on the issue of systemic racism, Lentz used an example of a dirty house to answer the question.

"I'll just let my house be dirty because it's too much work. This is what happens with racism," Lentz started. "The moment you start looking into this, you realize, ‘Oh, wow, this goes all the way to the top. This is in our church choir. This is in our church administration. This is in the way we've taught the Bible. And there are a lot of Christians who set out to clean house until they find out how close to home it might come."

Acho then asked if Lentz believed racism and prejudice existed "inside the houses of worship."

"I think, in fact, it could be said that churches might be one of the biggest propagators of racist ideology in our country," Lentz answered. "There's a difference between your principle and your practical. So if my principle at Hillsong, New York City, is 'we value all people,' practically speaking, you should be able to see that."

Acho and Lentz also talked about white power and privilege and how Jesus would react if he was walking on Earth today.

"There's no question where Jesus would be. Where did you find Him when we have record of Him? Who was He with? Who was He angering is more important. Jesus was loathed by the religious community for what? Proximity. He was at the dinner table, He was at the wrong parties, He was hanging out with the wrong people. He was talking to women when they weren't even allowed or even acknowledged as real humans," Lentz said. "So if you had to wonder where Jesus would be, you got to go back to your Bible because He's where hurting people are."

The entire episode can be viewed below:


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