“How amazingly blessed am I”: Couple welcomes stranded Texas delivery driver into their home for 5 days

by Peter Heck · Feb 25th, 2021 8:43 am

Last Updated Feb 25th, 2021 at 4:34 pm

Among all the stories emerging from the recent Texas winter storm crisis, this may be the most heartwarming.

A delivery driver became stranded in the front yard of an Austin couple as the ice and snow storm began to bear down on the Lone Star state. Unable to get a tow truck to make the trip out in the treacherous conditions, and unable to find an Uber, Lyft, or taxi driver willing to risk life or limb to come get her home or to a hotel, the couple opened their home to the delivery girl – for five days.

After sliding into the flowerbed and trees in the front yard of Nina Richardson and Doug Condon, HEB curbside delivery driver Chelsea Timmons found herself stranded at the couple's home for the duration of the freak winter storm.

Realizing that the roads were anything but safe to travel, Richardson and Condon offered their guest bedroom to Timmons and fixed her a steak dinner that first night. From that point, Timmons explained on Facebook, the couple was not about to let her leave until it was safe.

"Every morning, when I suggested leaving to a hotel [they'd ask] ‘could you make it there safely?' ‘What would you eat?' ‘What if they lose power' ‘isn't the guest room better than the Hampton Inn?'" Timmons wrote. "They basically have refused to let me leave. Every morning after they say – ‘no worries, stay a bit longer.' - I go to ‘my' room and shed tears of joy."

Fortunately the couple's home never lost power, and since Timmons had been out delivering groceries before becoming stranded, they all had plenty of food.

The couple said they were never confused on whether or not to let Timmons stay.

"We would hope that if our daughters were in a situation similar to Chelsea, that there would be someone that would treat them like we treated Chelsea," Condon said. "I don't think we ever thought twice about it."

Timmons wrote on her Facebook page how much God had blessed her by bringing her to that house.

How AMAZINGLY BLESSED am I right in this moment?!

Blessed that HEB curbside delayed their Saturday delivery and pushed it to Sunday

Blessed that I hit "Accept" before the timer ran out.

Blessed that out of all the places for my car to get stuck, that it was in their flowerbed and not a ditch.

Blessed they were willing to let the "Delivery Driver" into their home in the midst of a pandemic.

Blessed that during the time of a food shortage, they were willing to share their meals.

Blessed that they liked my coconut cake! (I baked them a cake to show my gratitude)

Completely BLESSED all the way around!!

God truly #Anchored me during this storm and sent me amazing Guardian Angels.

Timmons was finally able to return home Friday, but the three plan to stay in touch.

"She just became kind of part of the family pretty quickly," Richardson said.


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