Jerry Falwell, Jr., files defamation suit against Liberty University

by Jenny Mount · Oct 29th, 2020 3:55 pm

Last Updated Nov 3rd, 2020 at 7:52 am

Former president of Liberty University, Jerry Falwell, Jr., has filed a lawsuit against the Virginia college, claiming that the leaders of the school wrongly believed his accuser, Giancarlo Granda. Granda claimed over the summer that he had engaged in a multi-year affair involving both Falwell and his wife Becki, which led to the former president's forced resignation.

Falwell's suit says that the school's leaders did not properly investigate the allegations, and, by forcing his resignation, both broke Falwell's contract and defamed his character.

"Other than God and my family, there is nothing in the world I love more than Liberty University," Falwell said. "I am saddened that university officials, with whom I have shared so much success and enjoyed such positive relationships, jumped to conclusions about the claims made against my character, failed to properly investigate them, and then damaged my reputation following my forced resignation."

Falwell claims that his accuser is heavily financed by the anti-Trump political group, The Lincoln Project, who have targeted the former Liberty president for his support of Trump. Through their public statements, Falwell argues that Liberty's leadership "had the effect of affirming false claims" made against him by Granda, which managed to "tarnish, minimize, and outright destroy the legacy of the Falwell family and Mr. Falwell's reputation."

Lead attorneys for Falwell say that their desire is to avoid litigation and have not included a monetary figure in the suit. Instead, Falwell demands that the school "must take the necessary steps to restore my reputation and hopefully help repair the damage to the Liberty University brand in the process."


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