Jim Bakker: "Trump is a test [for] whether you're even saved"

by Adam Ford · Jan 9th, 2020 11:05 am

Televangelist Jim Bakker, whose "PTL" empire collapsed in the 1980s amid sexual and financial scandals and resulted in him serving five years in prison for 24 counts of fraud and conspiracy, told the audience of his Jim Bakker Show Monday that whether or not a Christian supports President Donald Trump is a test to determine whether that person is actually a true Christian.

"Trump is a test [for] whether you're even saved," Bakker said:

Bakker's full comments, to provide context:

"He keeps signing things to protect the church, and he's helped Israel and recognized Israel. He's fulfilling Bible whether you like it or not, and you know what? Trump is a test, whether you're even saved. Only saved people can love Trump. No, you've got to be really saved! You've got to forgive! You forgive when you're saved. If you don't forgive, the Bible says you won't be forgiven.

This window — almost every prophet I know has said Trump is basically giving us a window of time, and this could close the window. 2020 could close the window. And the Lord spoke to me: 'It's in the church's hands.'"

The show's full episode can be viewed here, with pertinent comments beginning at 39:50.


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