Joe Biden kicks off "No Malarkey" Iowa bus tour in effort to regain momentum

by Adam Ford · Dec 1st, 2019 7:23 am

Former Vice President Joe Biden launched his "No Malarkey" bus tour across Iowa over the weekend, part of a bid to regain momentum in the state and country at large.

Biden unveiled his tour bus Saturday evening, emblazoned with "NO MALARKEY!" in huge letters, along with "THE MALARKEY STOPS HERE."

Candidate Biden explained his old-fashioned branding at a stop, where he credited his Irish grandfather who used to say, "That's a lot of malarkey."

Naturally, the dated slogan coupled with Biden's reputation of being out of touch due to his advanced age prompted quite a response on social media from both sides of the aisle.

Two more reactions, lightly edited for language:


Biden Headquarters. November 2019: "We need a modern, no-nonsense slogan. How about, "No shenanigans?" "

Too long. How about, No tomfoolery?"


"No monkeyshines?"


"No codswallop?"


"No bunkum?"

"C'mon man."

"OK how about, No malarkey?"

"Oh my goodness."


Wow. Trump's gonna be president forever.


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