John Kerry: During Obama's 8 years there was "never a whiff of scandal"

by Adam Ford · Jan 11th, 2020 2:32 pm

On "CNN Newsroom" Friday, former Secretary of State John Kerry declared that former President Barack Obama's administration "never had a whiff of scandal":

Contending for 2020 candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden, Kerry said:

"I believe Joe Biden is the only person who has the set of relationships around the world, who has had this unbelievable breadth of experience as Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee and then as vice president for eight years, and an administration, by the way, which never had a whiff of scandal."

🔦 The claim that Obama's emerged after eight years without enduring so much as a hint of scandal has been repeated by Biden before, but many Americans believe that a number of events during Obama's tenure certainly qualify as scandals.


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