Kayleigh McEnany hammers media over Eric Swalwell, Hunter Biden bias

by Peter Heck · Dec 16th, 2020 11:00 am

Last Updated Dec 17th, 2020 at 6:13 pm

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany had another contentious ending to a press conference as she excoriated the assembled media representatives for their disinterest in the Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell (CA) national security story as well as the dramatic change in coverage of the Hunter Biden scandal once the election was complete.

First, McEnany went through a litany of examples of how Swalwell repeatedly, and without critique from the media, falsely accused President Trump of having a compromised relationship with Russia.

"There was no coverage, however, of Swalwell being the one implicated with not Russia, but China," McEnany said. "In fact, the New York Times website, as of this morning, had not one result for Eric Swalwell's ties to Chinese spies. Not one result. And when the Swalwell story broke, guess how many minutes of coverage it got on ABC, NBC, MSNBC and CBS? Zero. CNN devoted three minutes and 16 seconds to it. However, it was covered on Fox."

McEnany then pivoted to address the contrast in Hunter Biden coverage pre- and post-election.

"Interesting pre-election and post-election coverage too, on the Hunter Biden scandal, which was not covered at all by many outlets in the lead up to the election," McEnany began.

"In fact, on October 15, you had a New York Times headline that said, ‘Trump Said to Be Warned that He Was Being Given Russian Disinformation Over Hunter Biden.' Now, December 10, just a few months later, New York Times headline: ‘Investigation of Hunter Biden is Likely to Hang Over Biden as he Takes Office.'

Washington Post on October 16, the headline read, ‘The Truth Behind the Hunter Biden Non-Scandal.' Now you have the Washington Post headline that says this: ‘Hunter Biden Tax Probe Examining Chinese Business Deals.'

Politico, October 19, ‘Hunter Biden Story is Russian Disinformation,' that's a favorite, ‘Dozens of Former Intel Officials Say.' False yet again. December 2, now Politico reads, ‘Justice Department's Interest in Hunter Biden Covered More Than Taxes.'

Really interesting turn of events, and good for those who covered what was a story all along and not Russian disinformation."


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