Kentucky couple forced to wear ankle monitors after wife tests positive for COVID

by Peter Heck · Jul 20th, 2020 8:52 am

Last Updated Jul 20th, 2020 at 9:52 pm

A Kentucky couple has been placed in ankle monitors by the state's Health Department after the wife tested positive for coronavirus.

After the positive COVID-19 test last week, Elizabeth Linscott declined to sign papers from the Hardin County Health Department that stipulated she would not travel anywhere without first notifying the department. She said that she was uneasy doing so because in the case of emergencies, she did not want to feel bound to seek health department approval before going to the emergency room.

Days later, the Linscotts were visited at home by several masked health department officials and county sheriff's deputies.

"I open up the door and there's like eight different people," Linscott's husband Isaiah said. "Five different cars and I'm like what the heck's going on? This guy's in a suit with a mask, it's the health department guy and he has three different papers for us. For me, her and my daughter."

The couple was fitted with ankle monitors that will now alert local law enforcement if they travel more than 200 feet from their residence.

The Linscotts, who say they simply disagreed with signing the papers but never refused to self-quarantine, are now considering hiring an attorney to sue the county.


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