Kentucky Senate unanimously passes "born alive" abortion bill

by Jordyn Pair · Jan 30th, 2020 8:45 am

The Kentucky Senate unanimously passed a bill that would ensure babies that survive an abortion are given medical care.

The born-alive abortion bill passed the Senate with a unanimous 32-0 vote. It will now go on to the state's House of Representatives.

The bill would require doctors and other healthcare workers to provide "medically appropriate and reasonable life-saving and life-sustaining medical care and treatment" to infants born alive during abortion attempts. It also bans doctors and other healthcare workers from denying that treatment. Failing to follow the law would be considered a felony.

"We want to make sure that life is protected not only in the womb, but certainly after the baby's out of the womb," said Sen. Whitney Westerfield (R-3), who sponsored the legislation.

The American Civil Liberties Union of Kentucky has provided pushback on the bill, saying that abortion is "necessary."

"Kentuckians must be able to avail themselves of this care, regardless of the personal opposition our elected officials may have to this procedure," ACLU of Kentucky advocacy director Kate Miller said in a letter last week. "Bills like these perpetuate myths and lies about abortion care, patients who receive this care, and the doctors who care for them."

Westerfield said that the law is there to punish people trying to kill a human life.

"Who can dispute that that's a human life?" Westerfield said. "It's outside the womb. It's alive. Who would advocate for it to be killed?"

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