L.A. police officer invites LeBron James to a discussion on policing

by Jenny Mount · Apr 27th, 2021 12:09 pm

Facebook / Officer Deon Joseph

Last Updated Apr 28th, 2021 at 11:02 pm

A black L.A. police officer has invited LeBron James to have a discussion about policing following James's much-criticized tweet regarding the fatal police shooting of a teenage girl.

Deon Joseph, a 24-year veteran of the LAPD who has worked in the city's Skid Row area, posted a letter on Facebook addressed to James calling his stance on policing "off base and extreme."

James came under fire last week for tweeting "YOU'RE NEXT #ACCOUNTABILITY" along with an image of a Columbus, Ohio, police officer following the shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant. He later deleted the post claiming that it was being used to "create more hate."

Joseph responded to James in a Facebook post.

"Your tweet that targeted a police officer in Ohio who saved a young woman's life was irresponsible and disturbing," wrote Joseph. "It showed a complete lack of understanding of the challenge of our job in the heat of a moment. You basically put a target on the back of a human being who had to make a split second decision to save a life from a deadly attack."

"...Instead of apologizing, you deflected," Joseph continued. "You said you took your tweet down because you did not want it to be used for hate, when the tweet itself was the embodiment of hatred, rooted in a lack of understanding of the danger of the situation."

Joseph said police officers and communities need to come together to "build bridges to save lives on all sides" and offered to have a discussion with James.

"The offer is on the table Lebron. No cameras. No fanfare," said Joseph. "Just two men who care talking. I know it's a long shot. But this division and hatred must stop."


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