LANDBACK campaign supporters vandalize statues in “national decolonial day of action“

by Jenny Mount · Nov 27th, 2020 3:39 pm

Last Updated Nov 30th, 2020 at 2:16 pm

Several statues and monuments were destroyed on Thursday as part of a "national decolonial day of action."

In Washington state, a statue of Abraham Lincoln was vandalized with red paint while other colonial statues, including one of George Washington, in Minneapolis were defaced and toppled.

Red graffiti on the historical works read "No more genocide" and "all colonizers are bastards."

The Pan-Indigenous People's Liberation (PIPL) network explained that the move was partially in response to a callout for a "national decolonial day of action."

Multiple cities were vandalized with the words "land back," which refers to the LANDBACK campaign. The movement seeks to develop communities sustainably, defend American land, and fight against white supremacy.

"We must continue to decolonize our minds, communities, and sovereign nations," LANDBACK campaign said. "The decolonization of our communities and people is directly related to our ability to prosper. Through the revitalization of our Indigenous ceremonies, culture, languages, and life ways we will continue to strengthen our identity, and break free from the oppressive systems that disconnect us from achieving the healing growth and connection to spirit that is integral for us as Indigenous people."


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