LeBron James dons MAGA-style hat reading "arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor," shirt reading "by any means"

by Peter Heck · Aug 19th, 2020 8:08 am

Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 3:08 pm

Before his team's first playoff game of the NBA season, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James showed up to the stadium with a new hat – his version of a MAGA cap, but with "Great Again" marked out and replaced with "Arrest the cops who killed Breonna Taylor."

Teammates like Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard, and Alex Caruso all joined James in the hat protest.

James also sported a t-shirt that read "by any means."

? James, one of the game's most recognizable faces, is outspoken about both on social justice issues and his disdain for President Trump. On previous occasions he has referred to Trump as "a bum" and "a clown."


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