LeBron James warned by the NBA about his budding “acting” career

by Peter Heck · Feb 16th, 2021 6:11 pm

Last Updated Feb 18th, 2021 at 3:45 pm

The Los Angeles Lakers may be the reigning champions of the National Basketball Association, but they're also being accused of holding the title, Kings of Flops. The NBA instituted what they call an anti-flopping rule, designed to prevent players from attempting to fool officials by intentionally throwing themselves on the ground like they were fouled.

The move has been used for year by superstars who know that they are always more likely to find a sympathetic whistle from an official than the average grunt. But following the Lakers 115-105 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies last Friday, the NBA reviewed the tape and didn't like what they saw.

Lakers' star LeBron James was given a warning from the league for his thespian-like performance under the basket. James was positioning for a rebound when he took the slightest of nudges from Grizzlies player Dillon Brooks. James collapsed to the ground like he'd been the victim of a mugging, the whistle blew, and Brooks just rolled his eyes.

But before anyone names King James the best actor in L.A., the NBA also gave his Lakers' teammate Kyle Kuzma a warning for this absurd flop that came later in the game against the same Dillon Brooks:

The offenses were the first for both Kuzma and James, so it won't cost them any money. But a second offense is a fine of $5,000, a third costs $10,000, a fourth is $15,000, and a fifth costs $30,000. If a player collects a sixth flopping penalty, the league is permitted to suspend them.


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