Left-wing group publishes guide to "disrupting" country if election is close

by Jordyn Pair · Oct 13th, 2020 12:22 pm

Last Updated Oct 18th, 2020 at 9:45 am

Left-wing activist group ShutDownDC has posted a plan to shut down the country and force President Trump from power if the presidential election is too close to call.

The guide is called "Stopping the Coup" and is billed as an action plan in response to an imagined "coup" by the president.

"Preventing Donald Trump from stealing the election and remaining in office is likely to take mass, sustained disruptive movements all over the country," ShutDownDC said in an email promoting the document.

Although some of the guide is about ensuring a "fair election," other parts of it describe how to "affect the structures and pillars of power."

"In the context of a coup or highly contested election we need to be clear that our actions must directly affect the structures and pillars of power. Our largest asset in this regard utilizes the ideas of non-compliance through massive, broad based direct action," the document reads. "Where we can, we need to be in the streets, on the highways, or at the sites of power and power holders. In our jobs and lives we must refuse to allow those taking control the legitimacy of the power they seek through strikes, slowdowns, and boycotts, and public refusal to accept an illegitimate ruling party."

Another part of the document (original emphasis) encourages activists to stop "business-as-usual."

"In order to really win we will need to force some pillars of power (business, military, media, or other major institutions) to decide to side with the people, or at least get out of the way," the document said. "If everyday life goes on, a despot will not leave power, and so there will be no incentive for real systems change. You want to think about what it might take to stop business-as-usual."

The guide also imagines several nightmare scenarios, such as Attorney General William Barr trying "to seize all mail-in ballots and invalidate them." The document (original emphasis) also says "we must take action" if there is a contested election.

"In the end, the actual electorate might be split, half truly believing that Trump was elected legally, and half knowing that he was not. It is in this muddied context of legal and political wrangling that we must take action. We cannot wait to see how the chips fall. That will only ensure more power for the violent white supremacist machine that is the Trump administration and its supporters," the group said. "We want to be clear here, though: we are not a group of Biden supporters. This is not about ensuring that the Democrats win, but actually preparing for the possibility that white supremacist violence will continue. "

The guide seems to be a product of a group called the Disruption Project, which is "dedicated to supporting uprisings, resistance, and mass direct action," according to its website.

Read the full document here.


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