Lesbian in same-sex marriage sues Fuller Seminary over expulsion

by Adam Ford · Nov 23rd, 2019 11:46 am

Joanna Maxon has filed a lawsuit against Fuller Theological Seminary, accusing it of violating Title IX rules when it expelled her for being in a same-sex marriage.

From the suit:

"Defendants discriminated against Mrs. Maxon based on her sexual orientation because it expelled Mrs. Maxon for entering into a civil same-sex marriage. Defendants also discriminated against Mrs. Maxon based on her sex and sexual orientation by subjecting her to stricter disciplinary action than Fuller would have subjected a male, heterosexual student."

An attorney for Maxon stated,

"From a legal perspective, an expulsion based on sexual orientation, including one that is based on ‘homosexual conduct' or a same-sex relationship, is illegal under Title IX at a place like Fuller because Fuller accepts federal funding."

The seminary countered,

"Students are informed of and explicitly agree to abide by these standards when applying to the institution."


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