Marcellus Wiley slams LeBron James for tweet about Columbus officer

by Jenny Mount · Apr 26th, 2021 11:50 am

Last Updated Apr 27th, 2021 at 10:54 am

Former NFL player and current sports analyst Marcellus Wiley criticized LeBron James after James tweeted "YOU'RE NEXT" about a Columbus police officer who saved a black girl from being stabbed.

Wiley slammed James for rushing to judgment on the case.

"Who in the h*ll is looking at this situation any different?" Wiley said. "The cop has an impossible choice, which is to save a life I'm going have to take a life. And it's just that simple. Like I get where we want to say, but this happened over here, but that ain't this. I'm talking about right here."

Wiley also went after James for a subsequent tweet that claimed "it's about the entire system."

"LeBron James in this tweet, what does he saying? ‘Oh man, the system.' The system?" Wiley said. "The same system that is so broken that it allowed you to become a billionaire and never get arrested in it. But the system is broken? Are you speaking for other people? We have enough people out here telling us what not to do, what goes wrong. How about somebody who has made it? Single parent? LeBron James, what, he went to 10 different homes moving around Ohio his entire childhood. I would love to hear that story of how you became LeBron James against all odds, instead of always professing the odds are against all people."

Wiley also said that young people are growing up in a culture where "they're going to know victim's names before they know professor's names and wise scholars like Thomas Sowell."

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