Miami plans city-sponsored "Anti-Communist Concert" after Sanders lauds Castro

by Laura Mize · Feb 25th, 2020 12:01 pm

Last Updated Feb 25th, 2020 at 3:47 pm

The city of Miami will sponsor an "Anti-Communist Concert" in response to Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders' recent comments praising the work of Cuba's late communist dictator, Fidel Castro.

On Monday, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez announced the city's sponsorship of the April 11 concert. He also referenced Sanders' comments, which aired Sunday on an episode of 60 Minutes.

"What Senator Sanders conveniently omitted from his colorful characterization of communist Cuba was Castro's forceful and violent imposition of power, attacking human rights and freedom of speech, thereby minimizing the sacrifice of those who fought to break free from his suffocating hand," Suarez said during a press conference.

Miami city commissioners voted unanimously in favor of the city's sponsorship. Miami will waive nearly $22,000 in fees for the city-owned venue, police service, and fire service, as well as other costs. Commissioner Manolo Reyes called the upcoming event "a statement by Cuban musicians who are not permitted to perform in Cuba."

🔦 Miami has a large population of people who have fled from socialist or communist nations in Latin America, including Cuba, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

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