Minnesota Freedom Fund has only spent $200K to bail out protesters, despite raising more than $30M

by Bryan Brammer · Jun 16th, 2020 4:37 pm

The Minnesota Freedom Fund on Monday revealed that it had only spent $200,000 to bail protesters out of jail, despite raising more than $30 million in donations since the death of George Floyd.

According to the FAQ section of the MFF website, it said more than $30 million had been donated to the fund.

The tweet ignited immediate backlash, calling out the organization for not using more of the funds to bail out protesters.

"Return the money to people NOW. Before we find a way to take it back anyway," one twitter user replied. "Raised 35 million and only 200k went to bail funds? Absolutely no justification for that."

Another user suggested using the money "to hire an equal number of Black activists at your organization."

Others defended the fund, saying tracking and allocating the donations is not so simple.

MFF has since responded to critics, saying they want to make sure they are spending the money properly.

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