Minneapolis mayor, others call for officers in George Floyd death to be charged with murder

by Peter Heck · May 28th, 2020 10:38 am

An increasing number of people have put pressure on officials to arrest the officer who killed George Floyd and charge him with murder, including Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.

Frey asked during a Wednesday press conference why "the man who killed George Floyd is not in jail?"

"We are not talking about a split-second decision that was made incorrectly," Frey said. "There's somewhere around 300 seconds in those five minutes, every one of which the officer could have turned back ... and removed his knee from George Floyd's neck."

Frey's call echoes that of the victim's sister, Bridgett Floyd, who told NBC's "Today" that the officers involved in killing her brother, "should be put in jail for murder."

"I would like for those officers to be charged with murder because that's exactly what they did. They murdered my brother; he was crying for help," Floyd said. "I don't need them to be suspended and able to work in another state or another county."

Judge Andrew Napolitano, a judicial analyst for Fox News, agreed that the video of George Floyd's death should make this an easy decision for Hennepin County Attorney General Mike Freeman.

"Of course they should be charged. ... If I were the attorney general, Bill Barr, I would call up the attorney general of Minnesota and say, 'why haven't [the officers] been charged with murder? Why are they free? Why are they not in jail if we have a video of the murder? If you guys don't do it, we will,'" the judge said.

Napolitano is referring to the fact that regardless of whether the state brings murder charges against the officers, the FBI could still charge them with a federal crime.


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