“Mom, it’s me”: Man finds mom who put him up for adoption 45 years ago

by Peter Heck · Nov 30th, 2020 9:44 am

Last Updated Dec 1st, 2020 at 5:53 pm

A Texas woman received the gift of a lifetime when she met the man she put up for adoption 45 years ago.

After being raised in a loving family and beginning a family of his own, Wes Fenner found his biological mother, Brenda Van Sickle, through DNA testing. After the two spoke on the phone for several weeks, they arranged a meeting.

Standing by a pond, Van Sickle said she heard a voice that just said, "Mom, it's me." The two shared an embrace, both overcome with emotion.

"I'm not a huge crier," Fenner said, "but it was definitely one of those moments. It was kind of like looking at myself, a slightly older version of myself, in the mirror."

Van Sickle said the meeting confirmed to her she made the right decision as a 16-year-old girl unable to care for a new baby.

"You know you wonder about nature versus nurture," she said. "We send each other song lyrics back and forth and he listens to the same music I do. We like the same movies. We have the same snarky sense of humor. I'm going, ‘Yeah, this is my kid.'"


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