MSNBC cameraman called out on live TV for not wearing face mask during segment on people not wearing face masks

by Adam Ford · May 26th, 2020 4:10 pm

An MSNBC reporter was in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin Monday reporting on crowds of people not wearing face masks when a passerby informed the live TV audience that, while the reporter had a mask on, the cameraman did not.


Katy Tur said to the reporter:

"You are in Lake Geneva, Washington [sic]. I've been following you on Twitter and I've seen you out there today — it seems like you might be one of the only people wearing a mask and practicing social distancing."

The reporter in Wisconsin, signaling toward a man standing to his left, said, "You can see, here, nobody's wearing them," as the cameraman swung his camera around to capture the man.

"Including the cameraman," the passerby replied.

"There you go, including the cameraman. Yeah. Katy," the reporter replied, throwing his hands up as he sent the broadcast back to Tur.

The man can then be heard saying, "Half your crew's not wearing them," before Katy Tur said, "Striking images."


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