NASA Lunar Bible replaced at Museum of the Bible after authenticity questioned

by John Wesley Reid · Oct 9th, 2019 1:37 pm

Last Updated Nov 18th, 2019 at 4:05 pm

The Museum of the Bible in Washington DC has removed a tiny “Lunar Bible” from its display after the artifact’s authenticity was called into question.

Lunar Bibles refer to Bibles that were brought to space during the Apollo 14 mission by astronaut Edgard Mitchell. The Lunar Bible in question has been replaced by a verified Lunar Bible, according to MOTB spokeswoman Heather Cirmo:

“We know for sure that one on display right now went to the moon, but we could not verify for sure that the one we had originally on display had gone to the moon. We couldn’t disprove it, it just wasn’t certain.”

Oklahoma-based author, Carol Mersch, had firsthand knowledge of the Lunar Bibles due to research she had done with the Apollo Prayer League, who created the miniatures versions of the book. Mersch noticed the serial number on the Lunar Bible was a three-digit serial number instead of the five-digit serial number normally assigned to the Bibles.

Mersch generously donated one of her authentic Lunar Bibles to the MOTB.


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