National Weather Service warns of falling iguanas as Florida cold snap has them dropping from trees

by Daniel Payne · Jan 22nd, 2020 3:47 pm

Last Updated Jan 22nd, 2020 at 4:05 pm

Residents of Florida were treated to a bizarre weather-related phenomenon on Wednesday, as a cold snap moving through the state caused iguanas to start falling out of trees due to plunging temperatures.

Iguanas are cold-blooded, meaning they depend upon exterior sources of heat to keep their body systems functioning. A cold spell can cause their internal temperatures to plummet, leading to them becoming temporarily stunned enough to fall from the branches where they regularly perch. Most will recover.

Iguanas are an invasive species of Florida known for damaging human-made landscapes such as sidewalks and seawalls.Their numbers in the Sunshine State have flourished in recent years, with females can laying up to 80 eggs per year.


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