Netflix sees sharp decline in 3rd-quarter sign-ups following release of Cuties

by Laura Mize · Oct 22nd, 2020 10:36 am

Last Updated Oct 22nd, 2020 at 7:33 pm

Movie-streaming platform Netflix saw a steep drop in sign-ups worldwide in the third quarter, a decline that some people are linking to its release of the controversial film Cuties.

Netflix was predicted to bring in a net of 3.57 million new subscribers globally for the quarter. Instead, it saw a net of just 2.2 million new subscribers. In the United States, the net number of new subscribers was just 177,000.

Netflix has faced backlash, including a boycott movement and an indictment in Texas, over the release of the French-made film that depicts young girls dressed in revealing clothing and dancing and touching one another in sexual ways.

The Lone Star State charge against Netflix is for "promotion of lewd visual material" featuring children.

"It's impossible to attribute the lower numbers directly to the ‘Cuties'-inspired boycott drive," wrote USA Today TV editor Gary Levin. "But at least two analytics firms said last month their data showed Netflix was suffering higher ‘churn' rates, which measure subscription cancellations, in the immediate aftermath of a #CancelNetflix movement that began online."

Netflix continues to defend the film.


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