New research shows majority of academics are hostile, discriminatory towards conservative colleagues

by Peter Heck · Mar 3rd, 2021 7:13 am

Last Updated Mar 4th, 2021 at 6:17 am

New research shows that conservative academics are regularly harassed and threatened with disciplinary action simply for expressing ideas contrary to progressive orthodoxy.

The Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology released new research on Monday showing that conservative scholars, including professors and graduate students, are "guaranteed" to face discrimination in academia. The research centered on what is called "academic authoritarianism."

In one finding, eight separate surveys showed a majority of graduate-level professors and doctoral students at the university level found discrimination against their conservative peers to be acceptable, with 10% of them believing conservative viewpoints were a fireable offense.

Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at the University of London, helped spearhead the study. He said the modern "woke" movement has led to something far more dangerous than the by-now expected sensations of isolation and loneliness among conservative scholars on campuses today.

"The discriminatory impact is huge," Kaufmann said, referring to the "chilling" effect of self-censorship. The "cancel" mob has grown exponentially in the era of social media to the point where "powerful conformist pressures…make people keep their mouths shut."

The study results reveal that precise reality:

  • 70% of conservative academics say their current work environment is hostile to their ideas
  • 90% of academics who supported Donald Trump said they were not able to share their views even privately with colleagues
  • 20% of academics under 30 years old believe "dismissing" colleagues for controversial (conservative) views is appropriate
  • 30% of doctoral students agree that discriminating against conservative researchers competing for grants is proper
  • 30% of doctoral students would be willing to decline promotion to any conservative peer

The Center for the Study of Partnership and Ideology research is significant because it offers, beyond anecdotes, quantifiable evidence of academia's extreme leftward tilt.


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