New York coronavirus cases top 10,000

by Bryan Brammer · Mar 21st, 2020 3:08 pm

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Saturday morning that the state identified 3,254 new coronavirus infections, bringing the state's total to 10,356.

New York has now performed 45,437 tests, exceeding the number conducted in California (23,200) and Washington State (23,343), where the United State's initial outbreak originated.

"Our goal is to find the positive cases, because if we find a positive case we can isolate that person and that stops the spread. So we're actually looking for positives. The more tests you take, the more positives you will find," Cuomo said during Saturday's press conference. "We are taking more tests in New York than any place else. We are taking more tests per capita than China or South Korea."

Gov. Cuomo also said that 1 million N-95 masks are being shipped to the city in order to control the spread, with an additional 500,000 on their way to Long Island, where confirmed infections are quickly increasing.


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