New York Times endorses 2 candidates for president: Klobuchar and Warren

by Adam Ford · Jan 20th, 2020 7:57 am

"In a break with convention," the New York Times editorial board wrote Sunday, "the editorial board has chosen to endorse two separate Democratic candidates for president. Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren are Democrats' top choices for president."

The New York Times slams President Donald Trump in the opening paragraph of the endorsement:

The incumbent president, Donald Trump, is clear about where he is guiding the Republican Party — white nativism at home and America First unilateralism abroad, brazen corruption, escalating culture wars, a judiciary stacked with ideologues and the veneration of a mythological past where the hierarchy in American society was defined and unchallenged.

Describing the Democratic Party as presenting two — not one — vision for the future, the Times chose Klobuchar and Warren as their best choices for both approaches: Klobuchar as their standard Democrat preference, and Warren as their far-left pick. They cite age and health, among other reasons, as justification for not choosing front-runners Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

"May the best woman win," the board concludes.