New York to allow minors to change sex on birth certificates

by Bryan Brammer · Mar 13th, 2020 10:27 am

New York State officials announced Tuesday that the state will allow minors who self-identify as something other than their biological sex to change their birth certificates.

Individuals ages 16 and under who were born in New York will now be permitted to change the sex marker on their birth certificate without parental or guardian consent.

New York Attorney General Letitia James supports the decision of replacing what she refers to as an "outdated policy."

"Effective immediately, transgender individuals born in New York will have the right to make this deeply personal decision without the government's unwarranted denial or without having their privacy violated," James said. "We will not allow an outdated policy to stop us from providing every individual with equal dignity and respect."

According to James' statement, the change in policy came as a result of a lawsuit from a woman identifying as a man, referred to as M.H.W., "who wanted to correct the sex designation on his birth certificate from female to male to match his gender identity."

James added that "other transgender youth do not need to wait until they are 18 years old to make the change."


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