Not the Bee: Man walking dog knocked unconscious by falling cat

by Laura Mize · Aug 18th, 2020 11:35 am

Last Updated Aug 19th, 2020 at 1:29 pm

A cat living in China has taken rivalry with the neighbor's dog to a new low by knocking the dog's elderly owner unconscious.

The unfortunate incident — or perhaps well-planned attack — happened while a man named Gao was walking his golden retriever on a sidewalk. Surveillance footage from the incident shows a black-and-white cat dropping directly onto Gao's head, and Gao dropping to the ground, unconscious.

The cat then runs away. The dog does not immediately realize what happened, and meanders around a bit before returning to find its owner still unconscious. The golden soon spots the feline hiding in a doorway across the walkway.

Then, it's on. The dog boldly confronts the cat and the two spar in the doorway. The whole thing is made more comical by the fact that the dog is wearing booties.

Reportedly, the cat belongs to the man's neighbor, and it fell from a nearby balcony. But, come on. That cat dropped onto the man's head at precisely the right moment to deliver the KO. The feline's innocence seems dubious to us.

Gao spent 23 days in the hospital following the suspiciously timed "accident." He is still wearing a neck brace and undergoing physical therapy. Gao is reportedly seeking monetary compensation for his injuries.

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