Not the Bee: News outlet calls the statement "only females get cervical cancer" a "disgustingly transphobic lie"

by Adam Ford · Jul 17th, 2020 1:07 pm

Last Updated Jul 20th, 2020 at 10:40 pm

Here we are, ladies and gentlemen:


Yes, "UK's biggest cervical cancer charity shuts down disgustingly transphobic lie that ‘only females get cervical cancer'" is a real headline from a real news article from an LGBT outlet called Pink News.

Most of the article is just quoting embedded tweets, so let me bless you with some of the mind-expanding highlights right here:

So the TERFs got #OnlyFemalesGetCervicalCancer trending

Not to raise awareness about cancer, but to make trans men feel bad. THAT'S how sh***y and awful they are

? Anyone who has a cervix, from cis women to trans men, non-binary and intersex people, can get cervical cancer

Transphobes weaponising cervical cancer just so they can transphobe harder is undoubtedly the most vile thing I've seen in a while. They would rather see trans men, intersex & non-binary folks dead than see them screened. This # is so unnecessary.

Can they give it a rest already! The lack of empathy is so disgusting.

People who can get cervical cancer which INCLUDE Trans men, Non-binary and Intersex people are not your pawns to punch down at these same people.

You aren't making a point you are just hurting people

Weaponising cervical cancer to shame trans people is just despicable.

Cervical cancer is rare & treatable if caught through screening. Anyone with a Cervix is at risk. This includes Cis Women with a cervix, including those with neo vaginas for vaginal Agenesis, Trans men, Non Binary people with a cervix, & Trans women

* * *

This has been an enlightening episode of Not the Bee. Now back to your regularly scheduled news.


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