Not the Bee: "Nooses" found in Oakland park are actually exercise aids put there by a black guy — but a hate crime investigation will proceed anyway

by Adam Ford · Jun 19th, 2020 10:06 am

Last Updated Jun 20th, 2020 at 4:31 pm

Welcome to another day in crazyland.

The headline of this Not the Bee is not hyperbole. This literally happened.

Several "nooses" were found in trees in an Oakland park, causing officials to activate their virtue signals and turn them up to 10.

But then a black guy named Victor Sengbe came forward and was like hey, those aren't nooses, those don't even look like nooses, those are exercise aids that I hung up there months ago, please get a grip.

Sengbe said:

"Out of the hundreds, thousands of people who walked by, no one even thought it looked anywhere close to a noose. Folks have used it for exercise, it was really a fun addition to the park that we tried to create."

Undeterred, the mayor of Oakland cranked that virtue signal up to 12 and vowed that a hate crime investigation will still be carried out.

Even though the black dude came forward and told them he hung the ropes up there as exercise aids. A hate crime investigation will still be carried out!

The mayor, who, by the way, looks like this ...

... responded to the black guy informing everyone that people have been using the ropes for months by saying that reality "does not excuse their tortuous and terrorizing effects."

The completely psychotic woman continued:

"We have got to stop terrorizing our black and brown citizens, and as white people, we have to become knowledgeable and educated about the impacts of our actions."

Because a black guy hung some exercise aids in a park in Oakland and people were using them for months!

ABC 7's report of this incident literally ends with these words:

Extra police officers will now be patrolling around the Oakland lake in addition to the FBI being notified of the incident.

How is this real?

Is there how far we've gotten?

Is reality a real thing anymore?

Stop the planet. I want off.

* * *

This has been an episode of Not the Bee. Now back to your regularly scheduled news.


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