Notorious MLB great Manny Ramirez apologizes for career missteps, reveals he's in seminary

by Adam Ford · Dec 4th, 2019 12:02 pm

Former MLB slugger Manny Ramirez — as well-known for his "Manny being Manny" antics as his powerful home runs — has apologized for his career missteps in a Boston Globe interview, explaining that he has a renewed relationship with God and has been in seminary for the past five years.

From the Globe article:

All these years later, Manny Ramirez wants you to know that he loves you and that he is sorry for mistakes he made while playing in Boston. He is sorry he knocked down Red Sox traveling secretary Jack McCormick over a ticket issue when the Sox were in Houston in 2008. He is sorry for the way he shot his way out of town and got himself traded to the Dodgers later that season. He is sorry he got popped for PEDs three times.

For the first time publicly, Ramirez, 47, called his failed drug tests "a mistake," said of his McCormick scandal, "it doesn't matter what people say to you, you're not supposed to react like that," and admitted to intentionally misbehaving to get himself traded from the Red Sox.

Ramirez has also "found God" and has been in seminary for five years. Identifying himself as a reformed Baptist, he said, "What I'm doing now, I preach. That's what I do. Go into hospitals just to preach and teach people the Bible."

Due to his positive drug tests, he has been snubbed from the Hall of Fame thus far, despite being a career .312 hitter and 12-time All-Star with 555 home runs (15th all time). Responding to this, Ramirez said,

I really want to be [in the Hall of Fame]. I'm praying for that. Don't get me wrong; if it's God's will, it's going to happen ... I'm going into another Hall of Fame. If you read the Bible, the Bible says that your name is going to be written in the Book of Life. So it's going to be more impressive than this. Remember, when you die, you can't take this with you.


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