Nurse alleges severe neglect in NYC hospitals: Patients "left to rot and die ... They don't have family with them; no one there to advocate for them"

by Bryan Brammer · Apr 27th, 2020 10:57 am

A nurse practitioner with the Facebook user name "Sara NP" posted a video Saturday night alleging neglect and abuse of coronavirus patients in certain New York City hospitals.


In the ten minute video, the nurse practitioner — who is not on the front lines but who is acting as "the voice" for a trusted friend who is working in one or more of the NYC hospitals and who "wants this to get out" — details how patients are "left to rot and die" and that her friend has "never seen so much neglect":

Describing healthcare workers at the hospitals in question, Sara NP said:

"They are killing them. They are not helping them. She used the word 'murder'" ... No one cares. They are cold and they don't care anymore."

"Sara NP" also reported that the medications that have reportedly been working are not being used.

"Now, a couple of weeks ago, I was on with some nurse friends of mine and we were discussing different medications that could be used to potentially help people – doctors who are reporting around the country that they were using a combination of medications that were helping people," she recalled. "People were not dying when they were on these medications; they were getting better. Those medications are not being used in hospitals in New York City."

She also revealed that instead of giving patients the proper treatment and medicine, they immediately get trached or placed on a closed system ventilator — procedures normally reserved as a last resort. Since patients don't know any better, hospitals can do as they please without resistance.

"The patients don't know any better. They don't have family with them! There is no one there with them, to advocate for them. So, they are scared and they give consent. The ventilators have high peep, high pressure, which then causes barotrauma and causes trauma to the lungs."

The video was removed from Facebook early Monday morning. It is still up on YouTube as of Monday afternoon.


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