NY Gov. Cuomo to release a book about his “true leadership” through COVID-19 crisis

by Peter Heck · Aug 19th, 2020 9:39 am

Last Updated Oct 14th, 2020 at 3:10 pm

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, whose state had one of the highest COVID-19 death rate of any state in the country, is writing a book about his own leadership through the coronavirus pandemic.

Set to release on October 13, "American Crisis" is being promoted by Crown publishing as "a remarkable portrait of leadership during crisis and a gritty story of gut-wrenching choices that point the way to a safer future for us all."

The governor's team is also calling the book a testament to Cuomo's "true leadership in times of extreme crisis."

Cuomo has faced criticism over his handling of New York state's nursing homes. Despite being the most susceptible to COVID-19 transmission and most vulnerable to its effects, Cuomo ordered infected patients to be sent into nursing homes around the state. This allegedly led to multiple nursing home outbreaks and caused New York to report some of the highest death tolls for those facilities.

Information has also surfaced recently that suggests New York may be severely underrepresenting the actual body count from nursing care facilities. Cuomo's policy only counts nursing home deaths for those who die on the premises rather than those who die after being transferred to a hospital.

In the book, Cuomo touts his own steely resolve during the height of the outbreak.

"If you don't feel fear, you don't appreciate the consequences of the circumstance," Cuomo wrote in an excerpt released Tuesday. "The questions are what do you do with the fear and would you succumb to it. I would not allow the fear to control me. The fear kept my adrenaline high and that was a positive. But I would not let the fear be a negative, and I would not spread it. Fear is a virus also."

Not everyone agreed that Cuomo should be writing a book of this nature.

Crown says an audio version of the book will also be available, narrated by Cuomo himself.


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