One America News Network temporarily suspended, demonetized by YouTube

by Joel Abbott · Nov 25th, 2020 1:54 pm

Last Updated Dec 1st, 2020 at 3:25 pm

YouTube has imposed a weeklong suspension of conservative news network One America News (OAN) and demonetized its channel for violating its policies.

OAN was reportedly suspended for indicating that there is a cure for COVID-19 and was demonetized for "repeated violations" of "COVID-19 misinformation policy and other channel monetization policies."

The network has 1.22 million subscribers on YouTube.

Alternative cable networks such as OAN and Newsmax have had a boost in ratings since Election Day, when Fox News called Arizona early for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden in a move that disenfranchised many of its conservative viewers. Fox News reportedly lost 3.1 million viewers in the following week.

President Trump has also declared public support for OAN in recent weeks.

Launched in 2013, OAN has long maintained close ties with the Trump administration and has been slammed by mainstream left-wing media and even conservative outlets as propagandistic.

Public figures who support the network have faced backlash, such as Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy, who received a $1 million pay cut this year for wearing an OAN shirt on vacation.

In order to regain monetized status on YouTube, OAN will have to reapply to the platform's Partner Program.


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