1 NYPD officer stabbed in neck, 2 others shot in violent attack

by Peter Heck · Jun 4th, 2020 9:17 am

Three New York City police officers are recovering after a violent attack late Wednesday night in what the police commissioner called a "completely cowardly, despicable, unprovoked attack on a defenseless police officer."

According to a news conference held by NYC Police Commissioner Dermot Shea, a male suspect walked up to a group of officers who were on an anti-looting patrol post-curfew, pulled out a knife, and stabbed one of the officers in the neck.

"That officer was stabbed in the left side of his neck, thank God, missing an artery," New York City Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said.

Two other officers were shot in the hand during the skirmish that followed and were taken to the hospital. The suspect was shot multiple times at the scene.

Mayor Bill de Blasio went to the hospital to visit the wounded officers, expressing gratitude for their work.

"Thank God all our officers will recover," de Blasio said. "It's another example of what it means every day for men and women of the NYPD to protect all of us."

The attack came just a day after video posted to social media showed a New York City police officer being struck by a vehicle in a violent hit-and-run. Though that officer is also expected to survive, Police Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch expressed deep concern over the potential for future violence given anti-police rhetoric circulating in recent protests.

"Are we surprised? Are we surprised we're here in the hospital again? Did we doubt because of the rhetoric we're hearing, the anti-police rhetoric that's storming our streets, are we surprised that we got this call? I'm not. We said it's going to happen," he said.

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