More than a thousand WI residents gather at state capital to protest coronavirus restrictions

by Bryan Brammer · Apr 25th, 2020 12:16 pm

More than a thousand Wisconsin residents gathered at the state capital Friday to protest Gov. Tony Evers' restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Approximately 1,500 protesters stood shoulder to shoulder cheering "USA" and "open up" while carrying signs that said "All Workers Are Essential" and "Death... is preferable to communism."

One resident believes the protests will force Gov. Evers to respond to the needs of his people.

"I think this will make Evers respond. People of different backgrounds, races and cultures all want to get back to work. The flu can kill you but so can not eating."

Wisconsin conservative activist Bob Dohnal offered free transportation to those wanting to attend the protest. He suggested protesters to bring signs like "I am losing my business," "my kids are missing their graduation," and "I couldn't grieve with my family."

Wife of former state Rep. Don Pridemore also pleaded her case for Wisconsin to open back up.

"We need to open Wisconsin. Workers need to open the businesses. Churches need to open. If you can open the slaughterhouses of abortion clinics, you can open churches."

On the same day as the protest, Wisconsin reported its highest daily increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases with 304. Overall, the virus has infected 5,356 people and killed 262 in the state of Wisconsin.


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