Philly rioters destroy numerous cop cars in middle of street, steal things out of them, smash them into each other, set them on fire

by Adam Ford · May 31st, 2020 6:50 pm

Shocking video footage from riots in Philadelphia on Sunday shows a mob of people descending on and destroying a half-dozen police cars which had been abandoned in the middle of the street amid the chaos.


Rioters are seen shattering the squad cars' windows and gaining access to the vehicles before rifling through them and stealing whatever they wanted.

They also "ghost-ride" one of the cars — accelerating in it before jumping out — into a group of officers down the street from them, the empty vehicle smashing into another police car.

The attackers threw rocks and other objects, jumped on top of the cars to smash the windshields, and scattered the vehicles' contents about the street.

Some posed for pictures atop the destroyed cars.

Before the helicopter video cuts off, rioters can be seen filling one of the looted and demolished vehicles with flammables and setting it on fire.

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