Polar vortex to unleash frigid air, snow in eastern U.S. over weekend

by Bryan Brammer · May 7th, 2020 12:19 pm

Pivotal Weather

After a relatively mild winter, a polar vortex is set to unleash frigid air across the eastern United States this weekend, bringing snow to areas in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Temperatures in the Upper Midwest to New England regions could drop 20 degrees below average.

As the cold air mass shifts south, areas such as northern Georgia and the western Carolinas could experience frost. Temperatures across the eastern half of the country will be more reminiscent of early March than early May.

According to the Washington Post, the frigid conditions will arrive in time for the weekend.

"The cold air mass will arrive in the eastern half of the Lower 48 in time for the weekend, stretching from the Interstate 35 corridor through the Plains all the way to the East Coast. Temperatures across an expansive region will be some 15 or more degrees below average. Cold temperatures will even make it to parts of Mississippi and Alabama.

The Upper Midwest and Great Lakes are slated to get the core of the cold first starting as soon as Friday. High temperatures in Minneapolis, on the western fringe of the cold, is expected to stay in the upper 40s on Friday. Chicago may not make it above 45 degrees, one day after enjoying sunny skies with the high in the mid-60s."

Freeze warnings are already in effect for much of Charleston, WV. Washington D.C. and New York City aren't predicted to make it out of the low 50s on Saturday.


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