President Trump to hold rallies alongside launch of recount teams

by Joel Abbott · Nov 9th, 2020 1:16 pm

Last Updated Nov 12th, 2020 at 6:13 pm

President Trump has announced he will hold large rallies to keep the issue of alleged widespread election fraud in the public's eye.

The president plans to hold the rallies in key states alongside the launch of recount teams. Key states include Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, where the margins of victory for Biden are slim.

Trump's team is assembling legal counsel from across the nation, including Ron Hicks of Pittsburgh law firm Porter Wright, Jenna Ellis of the Falkirk Center, Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, Kory Langhofer of Phoenix law firm Statecraft, and outgoing Georgia Congressman Doug Collins. Trump has said he plans to challenge the election results and make the case for fraud at the Supreme Court.

At the rallies, the president's team will present litigation information to the public and show evidence of election fraud, including obituaries of dead individuals who reportedly voted. Alleged evidence of fraud includes Republican observers being barred from counting facilities, massive upticks in votes favoring Biden, crates arriving at counting centers in the dead of night, USPS corruption, deceased individuals voting for Biden, and the purposeful delay of counts.

No dates for the rallies have yet been announced, but information will be updated at the president's campaign website.


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