Professor of women's studies under attack for criticizing transgender ideology

by Joel Abbott · Mar 31st, 2021 2:00 pm

University of Rhode Island

Last Updated Apr 1st, 2021 at 3:03 pm

A professor at the University of Rhode Island has received backlash from school administrators for writing an essay that opposes the claims of the transgender movement.

Professor Donna Hughes published her essay on the feminist site 4W last month, titling it "Fantasy Worlds on the Political Right and Left: QAnon and Trans-Sex Beliefs."

In the essay, Hughes argued that the transgender movement is akin to the "QAnon" conspiracies on the political right, but that it is more dangerous because it is actively causing harm to individuals through new policy and laws.

"The American political left is increasingly diving headfirst into their own world of lies and fantasy and, unlike in the imaginary world of QAnon, real children are becoming actual victims," she said. "The trans-sex fantasy, the belief that a person can change his or her sex, either from male to female or from female to male, is spreading largely unquestioned among the political left."

Hughes – who teaches women's studies and researches human trafficking – also decried the rise of cancel culture based on "privilege" and loosely applied allegations of racism, calling it a "slippery slope."

The University of Rhode Island released a statement condemning the professor's words, calling them "anti-transgender" rhetoric that "can cause pain and discomfort for many transgender individuals."

Fourteen of Hughes's colleagues also signed a statement condemning her perspective.

Hughes said she was very concerned about the far-left "institutional capture" that has occurred in education, stifling free speech, and the exchange of ideas.

"It is a corrupt process of becoming large donors to institutions, usually with a lot of money, come to dictate thinking," she said.


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