Battleground states see record turnout of millions of young voters

by Jenny Mount · Oct 29th, 2020 4:33 pm

Last Updated Oct 31st, 2020 at 10:22 pm

According to the Democratic firm TargetSmart, the youth vote is driving massive numbers of early ballots cast in key battleground states like North Carolina, Florida, and Texas. Given the tendency of the 18-29 year old bracket to skew left, Democrats are hoping that means a coming blue wave for Democrats and a Biden presidency.

"It's these voters who typically are considered low turnout — maybe they'll vote, maybe they won't — and yet they are going to the polls early in huge numbers. That could make up the margin of victory for Democrats up and down the ballot," said Rachel Weber, press secretary for the North Carolina branch of NextGen.

Weber said that her team "could feel in the air that young people were fired up going to go to the polls in huge numbers," and with more than 430,000 youth votes cast in Florida, and 330,000 in North Carolina already, it seems to be happening.

Still, record youth turnout could be a moot point due to higher turnout among all age groups, according to Andy Jackson of the conservative Civitas Institute.

"The voting demographics are still skewing older, just not by as much. If it's a really close race, then it could help Democrats, but this is not enough to change the entire contour of the election," said Jackson.

A victory in North Carolina is key to President Trump's reelection, Weber and Jackson said.

"This is really a must-win state for Trump. Biden can lose this state and still be OK. The Trump campaign has been putting more effort here because they have to," Jackson said.


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