Rioters planned to “capture and assassinate elected officials” during Capitol building siege

by Jenny Mount · Jan 15th, 2021 4:09 pm

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Last Updated Jan 18th, 2021 at 11:21 am

Federal prosecutors are claiming in a new court filing that the intention of the Capitol rioters was to "capture and assassinate elected officials."

Prosecutors made the claim in a memo seeking to keep Jacob Anthony Chansley in detention after rallying people inside the Capitol using a bullhorn. During the riot, Chansley wore a headdress, face paint, and carried a six-foot spear.

"Strong evidence, including Chansley's own words and actions at the Capitol, supports that the intent of the Capitol rioters was to capture and assassinate elected officials in the United States government," wrote the government prosecutors.

Chansley is set to have a detention hearing in federal court in Arizona on Friday.

"He loved Trump, every word. He listened to him. He felt like he was answering the call of our president," said Chansley's attorney, Al Watkins. "My client wasn't violent. He didn't cross over any police lines. He didn't assault anyone."

Meanwhile, prosecutors in a Texas court alleged that a retired Air Force reservist may have intended to restrain lawmakers when he carried plastic zip tie-like restraints on the Senate floor.


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