San Francisco may change "inappropriate" names of 44 schools, including Washington, Jefferson, and Lincoln

by Joel Abbott · Oct 16th, 2020 2:59 pm

Last Updated Oct 17th, 2020 at 5:48 pm

At least 44 San Francisco schools may have a name change due to perceived "connections to slavery, genocide, or oppression," according to a new report.

The list of names includes presidents Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Garfield, Monroe, McKinley, and Franklin Roosevelt. It also includes names such as Balboa, Lowell, Mission, Presidio, Webster, Sanchez, and Jose Ortega. Even a school named after Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) may be renamed, apparently due to the fact that Feinstein replaced a vandalized Confederate flag that was one of several historic flags on display outside city hall when she was mayor in 1986.

The name change affects more than a third of the schools in the district. Many parents are reportedly shocked by the timing of the decision.

One parent, Jonathan Alloy, said California's extensive lockdown mandates have exponentially affected minority families in poor communities, which often have a more difficult time meeting the demands of distance learning.

"We're not actually helping disadvantaged children by changing the name of the school they can't attend," Alloy said.

Other names included on the list include:

  • Paul Revere K-8
  • Alamo Elementary
  • Francis Scott Key Elementary
  • Balboa High School (named for a Spanish explorer)
  • El Dorado Elementary
  • Sanchez Elementary (named after a Spanish missionary)

Five local high school alumni associations have criticized the move, calling for a longer process where community voices can be heard and professional historians consulted.


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