Secession bill filed in move towards Texas independence

by Peter Heck · Jan 28th, 2021 8:55 am

Last Updated Jan 29th, 2021 at 12:05 pm

A bill filed in the Texas legislature on Tuesday would put the issue of secession and Texan independence before voters of the state.

Rep. Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg, Texas, filed the "Texas Independence Referendum Act," which is seen as the necessary first step towards the Lone Star State leaving the union.

Biedermann was clear that his was not a bill that sought to achieve immediate independence.

"This act simply lets Texans vote," Biedermann said. "This decision is too big to be monopolized solely by the power brokers in our Capitol. We need to let Texans' voices be heard! Voters of all political persuasions in Texas can agree on one thing, Washington, D.C., is and has been broken. Our federal government continuously fails our working families, seniors, taxpayers, veterans and small business owners. For decades, the promises of America and our individual liberties have been eroding. It is now time that the people of Texas are allowed the right to decide their own future. This is not a left or right political issue. Let Texans vote!"

The representative pointed to the thousands of people flooding into Texas every year, desperate to escape the taxation and over-regulation of other states. He believes that his state's "robust economy, financial solvency, and capacity for massive energy production," prove that Texas would "thrive as an independent nation."

In addition to his bill, Biedermann started a petition for Texas independence.


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